News Releases


  •  “First of all, let's just say SEXY. I love this drive enclosure. I think it's very worth the money; it keeps my drive nice and cool. The case doesn't get super warm at all. Great buy and would definitely buy again!…” – Capn Cakes

  • “... this thing is beautiful!  The MB559 has a great look, combining an aluminum chassis and a white painted frame.  Sleek and awesome!” – Driver Heaven

  • “…This ICY DOCK is BY FAR the best I've
    used. The build quality compared to other
    enclosures is immediately apparent, this thing
    is solid. It's also about as small as an external
    enclosure can be. It's very aesthetically
    pleasing and I seriously couldn't believe how
    easy the screw-less design was…” 
    – Adam

  • “This is a very well built unit. Great design.
    Perfect gloss finish. Very sleek. The feet for
    standing it vertically are actually pretty solid
    and make a stable unit. I just wish my tower
    case was build this well.” 
    – CBM

  • “Excellent, you get what you pay for.”
    – Sysboxbuilder

  • “I am so glad I discovered Icy Dock. I
    would've spend hundreds more for some
    overpriced similar product. I have the
    MB561S-4S with 4 sata HDD connected to my
    mini file server and it works great!! I need to
    buy more before they raise the prices!”

    – Bryan

  • Needed a better enclosure after several
    cheaply built ones I had died. I am very happy
    with the quality.
    – Anonymous

  • Bought over two years ago and it's still going
    strong! Goes back and forth in my car about
    once a week to do a backup of my parents
    computer, and I drift around corners so it gets
    thrown around. Only a few minor scratches. :)


  • Excellent quality materials, well built, slim, and
    best looking enclosure I've come across.
    Runs cool, 
    very quiet, and the retractable
    rubber-soled feet for 
    vertical positioning are a
    great idea. Easy to install 
    HDD into the drive
    tray, and the latching tray slides 
    in and out
    very smoothly.
    - MacGeek#1

  • Pleasant surprise - much higher quality than
    expected, Solid construction, heavy gauge
    aluminum, well finished metal back, high
    quality plastic. Drive installation is dead simple.
    Drives swap easily. It works perfectly.
    - we2b

  •  I opened the case by email and was very pleased with the response time and RMA processing. I sent it in with my HDD's included and they repaired the RAID enclosure and setup my RAID for me. Very helpful and speedy. - mrj